The hacker who attacked the Crema Finance decentralized liquidity protocol returned some of the stolen funds.

The hacker decided to return the assets after negotiations with the protocol team. He left himself 45,455 SOL (about $1.6 million at the time of writing) as a reward.

Crema Finance confirmed receiving 6064 ETH ($7 million) and 23,967 SOL ($879,000) from the hacker in four transactions.

The representatives of the project promised to publish the compensation plan within 48 hours.

Recall that after the attack in early July, Crema Finance stopped the application.

According to Atlas VPN, hackers targeting the cryptocurrency industry stole $1.97 billion in the first half of 2022.

In the first half of 2022, hackers stole almost $2 billion from crypto projects

Hackers targeting the crypto industry stole $1.97 billion as a result of hacking 175 projects in the first half of 2022, according to Atlas VPN data.

The Ethereum ecosystem suffered the most — losses of more than $1 billion during 32 incidents. The biggest was the hacking of the Ronin sidechain involved in the Axie Infinity NFT game. The attackers removed approximately $625 million worth of assets from the project’s cross-chain bridge.

Data: Atlas VPN.

The second place in the list was taken by the Solana network with related projects. Hackers stole $383.9 million in just five attacks. In this case, a large share of the damage fell on the Wormhole cross-chain protocol — over $319 million.

This is followed by the BNB Chain ecosystem (formerly Binance Smart Chain) with losses of $141.4 million. Over the past six months, hackers have carried out the largest number of attacks on her projects — 47.